INCLUSIVITY AT BRIT SERIES PART 2: The long road to inclusion

Brit’s decision to hire a Head of Inclusion & Diversity is a powerful illustration of the organisation’s commitment to create a truly inclusive workplace. It announces Brit’s intention and readiness to begin the next leg of the positive journey every London market business is making – or should be.

As Brit’s new Head of I&D, it’s my job to create and implement a collective, strategised approach that will ensure Brit neither misses an opportunity nor falls short in its responsibilities around inclusion. Brit’s senior leaders have decided to make inclusivity a business imperative; it’s my job to act on that directive. I am accountable.


Occasionally an act of racial violence is turned on its head to become the catalyst of positive change. The cruel murder of George Floyd one year ago inspired ripples of progress towards tolerance and inclusivity which extended around the world. Here in London’s insurance market, 4,000 miles away, companies which had not yet addressed the challenges of inclusion were spurred into action. Others that had taken initial steps, like my firm Brit, were prompted by the incident to redouble their efforts.

6 Steps to Racial Inclusivity

ACIN 6 steps

Introduction: Anti-racism protests have erupted around the world, demanding change. In response, many corporations have expressed their solidarity, and their discontent with continuing racial injustices. Most recognise the heightened trauma which their black employees face during this time of genuine strife. For the first time, some have acknowledged the impact that the complexities of racial prejudice have on individuals’ day-to-day working lives. Executives want to know what to do next.