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Data from a census conducted by the Insurance Post in 2017 shows that just 10% of the UK insurance workforce are BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) and 2.1% are black, however black people make up 3% of the UK population. This means that out of the 111,600 employees in the UK insurance workforce, 2,343(2.1%) are black and 99,770(89.4%) are white. These statistics provide evidence that the level of black representation in the insurance industry is significantly disproportionate with the number of blacks in the UK population. To go further, this data shows that if black representation in the UK insurance workforce was to be reflective of the of the black population of the UK, then it would need to employee 50% more black people than it currently does.

We believe that the education element is the most important part to overcoming the barriers we face as an industry to achieving satisfactory and realistic levels of ethnic representation. The ACIN aims to roll out its Research & Study arm soon to put some data and information behind the necessary arguments that drive this agenda. Please contact for enquires and any potential collaborative opportunities for research and study.

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Six Steps to Racial Inclusivity

Issues of racism have come quickly into sharp focus. Global anti-racism protests have brought the London market’s need to do better at racial diversity to the forefront and prompted our sector’s sincere intent to take action.

This research paper sets out recommendations – the ACIN’s Six Steps to Racial Inclusivity – to help London market companies boost the inclusion, development, and promotion of black and minority ethnic talent within their organisations. The Six Steps have come directly from the London market’s black employees. It is a credible call to action.


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In honour of Black History Month, the African-Caribbean Insurance Network (ACIN) has partnered with Tokio Marine Kiln and the Insurance Museum to present a collection of untold stories from various influential black people, which highlight the role that the insurance market played, and some continues to play, throughout their lifetimes.

In an effort to encourage more people to remember the positive and negative aspects of the past and how they pertained to black people and culture, even within the insurance industry, the ACIN has selected 11 stories from the Insurance Museum that reflect on an array of topics from insurance and finance to music and sport.

While insurance plays a role in most people’s lives, it’s fascinating to read just how prominent and necessary it was and continues to be in the lives of these influential people. 

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