Brit Partners with the African Caribbean Insurance Network: A Look Back at 2021 and a Positive Outlook Heading Into 2022

The African Caribbean Insurance Network (“ACIN”) is pleased to continue its partnership with Brit Ltd (“Brit”) into a second year, with the focus on improving ethnic representation across the London insurance market.

Formed in 2018, the African Caribbean Insurance Network strives to boost black and minority ethnic representation within the insurance industry, enhancing cultural competence throughout the London market and making the insurance sector a more attractive destination for professionals from underrepresented ethnic minority backgrounds.

The partnership between Brit and ACIN saw positive results throughout 2021, with a number of candidates hired into entry-level positions, advancing ethnic representation and aligning with organisation goals. Brit also participated in several ACIN initiatives, such as the ACIN Blog Series. The drive and initiative brought by Brit did not go unnoticed, with Brit being named the winners of the ACIN Black History Month Quiz Night.

Brit and ACIN have high hopes going into 2022. The second year of partnership will generate increased focus on recruitment and talent attraction with concentrated effort on achieving the collective objective of both Brit and ACIN to increase diversity and representation in the London Market. Collaborative events and education workshops directed at diversity are on the table for 2022, so be on the lookout.

“Working with ACIN has helped us in our efforts to create a more inclusive culture, particularly for our colleagues and new joiners who identify as BAME. The support that ACIN offer our new hires is extremely valued and they work in a collaborative way, making it easy for all colleagues to get involved in their initiatives. I have especially appreciated the support ACIN have offered to our Race and Belonging Employee Resource Group.

As we move into year two, I’m really looking forward to working closely with the team to drive even more engagement,” said Wayne Page, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Brit.

All parties are looking forward to the upcoming year, as Junior Garba, the Co-Founder of ACIN, describes: “We’re pleased to have had a great first year with Brit with many successes including our talent attraction projects and events. The ACIN are proud to be partnering with Brit for a second year as there is a genuine commitment to boost diversity in this organisation. We’ve built a solid foundation with Brit and will ramp up our efforts in year two with many projects lined up for recruitment, events, education and much more.”