6 Steps to Racial Inclusivity

Introduction: Anti-racism protests have erupted around the world, demanding change. In response, many corporations have expressed their solidarity, and their discontent with continuing racial injustices. Most recognise the heightened trauma which their black employees face during this time of genuine strife. For the first time, some have acknowledged the impact that the complexities of racial prejudice have on individuals’ day-to-day working lives. Executives want to know what to do next.

Just 2% of the UK Insurance workforce come from black backgrounds which is highly disproportionate to the number of black people in the UK. This demonstrates that ethnic diversity has not been prioritised and existing efforts are yet to penetrate the mainstream of the London Insurance Market. Yesterday was the best time for change. The second-best time is now. Now is the right moment for corporate executives to agree that if our talent base is to be as skilled and rich as possible, we must make our market’s culture welcoming to people from non-white backgrounds. Now is the time to realise that, for our businesses to achieve the greatest possible success, we must improve ethnic membership at all levels within our ranks.


The ACIN’s duty is to represent the voice of the London Market’s black and minority ethnic community. At this time of heightened awareness, we have acted on that duty. Following extensive consultation with over 50 black professionals from over 20 London Market companies, we have developed a set of recommendations that provide a roadmap for action. Adhering to the ACIN’s Six Steps to Racial Inclusivity will improve the corporate experience of black and ethnic minority people working in our market, and will allow our businesses to be their best.

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